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Do I Need A Profile On Every Social Media Platform?

Do I need every social media profile?

It is often thought that in order to be successful on social media you need to be on every single platform out there. That means active management and regular posting across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr and Reddit to name only a few. That sounds, quite frankly, exhausting!

In our digital world there are simply not enough hours in a day to put in the same amount of effort across all of these channels. Your company social media profiles are like additional shop fronts to your business and are fabulous for showcasing your products, services and brand personality!

The down side? If these profiles are not kept updated or managed properly then this can actually have a more negative effect. Think of them like you would a shop window. If you looked inside a shop window and they still had Christmas decorations up from 2016 and it’s now summer 2018 it just would not look right and might even deter you from going through the front door, even if they did have that item you were looking for.

The solution? Choose your platform well. Look at the demographics - who uses these platforms the most? Are they my target audience? Will they be interested in what I have to say? Instagram is a fantastic visual tool for a company selling beautiful handcrafted cupcakes but not so much for a legal firm specialising in white collar law.

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