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How To Blog! Our Top 5 Tips.

So you have this great idea - you want to start blogging! Well you have come to the right place. Not only are blogs an incredibly useful SEO tool but they allow your customers an insight into your brand’s values. Also, if you don’t actively publish content to your site on a regular basis in this digital age, then you are already behind your competitors. But fear not! Socielle shares their top five tips to writing a perfect blog, every time.

Step 1 - Create Your Content Matrix Strategy

Your content matrix is considered the most important part of content writing. It looks at how to write content that will attract not only those who have made the decision to buy but the rest of the 99% of your potential target market who have not yet heard of you or your services. It is incredibly important to create a meaningful multimedia content strategy to address each person in the buying process. We’ll be sharing our secrets on how to create a meaningful content matrix in a future blog - watch this space!

Step 2 - What Purpose Is Your Blog Serving?

The purpose you would like your content to achieve must be developed in direct relation to your target audience. From looking at which type of audience will benefit from your blogs in your content matrix, develop a purpose or goal that you would like your content to achieve. Is it brand awareness? Is it product promotion? Are you helping answer frequently asked questions within your industry to generate website traffic? By honing in on a specific purpose your message will come across much more clearly.

Step 3 - Research Your Keywords

If you want your blogs to help increase your page rankings (which, to be fair, most of us do!) then do your keyword research. Yes, it doesn’t sound overly exciting but having the right keywords and maintaining a good density level will separate you from the competition. There are some great keyword planner tools out there. We always use Google Adwords for our research. You will need to create an Adwords account if you do not already have one or you can get in touch with us for free, no obligation assistance.

Step 4 - What Is Your CTA and How Can Readers Find Out More?

Seems like an obvious one, right? Well we still see a lot of blogs that have a slightly abrupt ending without any call to actions. You’ve taken the time to plan, research and write your blog so you must let people know how they can engage with you and take the conversion further!

Step 5 - Have Fun With It!

We like to think this is the most important step of all… If you aren’t having fun, the chances are your readers aren’t either! Writing should be fun, let your creativity all hang out and experiment with different writing styles and tactics. Write about what interests you and carry on adventuring through the gift of words.

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