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The Psychology of Social Selling

It may just sound like a fancy title but the truth is that there is more to social media selling than first meets the eye.

It is no longer about creating a few sales posts and hoping for the best. The competition is getting even more fierce as more companies jostle for the attention of social media users so if you haven’t already, now is the time to up your game.

Call us nerds (and be that as it may) but we love devising new strategies and effective means of capturing your audience and retaining their attention. Social media outlets allow brands to tell their story, engage with customers and promote useful and stimulating content. Only when relationships and trust are built with your online community will the sales start flowing. Not only should you be able to interact regularly and meaningfully with your audience but now you need to keep up with the intricacies of social selling and what will drive your social media followers to actively engage with you.

Grow your customer base with the psychology of social selling

To generate social media engagement from your followers, you need to be in tune to which factors motivates them.

  • Persuasive and relevant content. Give your followers relevant information that can offer solutions to their problems. Your content should tell a story, giving them reasons to develop a relationship and connection with you.

  • Reciprocity. This is a powerful yet often overlooked tool that can help boost sales. Not only do people generally love freebies, we also tend to feel indebted when we get them. Offer your followers something of value such as a free trial, branded gift items, or merely a thank you sticker or letter. These gestures often lead to your customers taking positive actions in your business.

  • Social proof. We love evidence - preferably from other users - that convinces us to buy a service or product. Social reviews, likes, comments and shares are sure ways to boost your social media selling. Encourage your followers to have positive conversations around your brand to start that snowball effect.

  • Emotional triggers. Get reactions with consistent witty, relevant and humorous content. Understand your audience demographic through analytics and always create meaningful content that resonates with these type of audiences. In turn, your target demographic will feel more connected to you and your brand and are therefore more likely to remain loyal.

  • Partner with Influencers. Credible influencers can help nurture your existing audience and help grow your following. They are often seen as trustworthy by social users so having the right ones on side will lead to more brand credibility.

Start implementing the above into your current social media strategy and you'll be noticing a different in no time!

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