• Elle

To Schedule Or Not To Schedule?

Social media management software such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout (to only name a very few) have changed the landscape of social media posting - allowing you to save time and maximise productivity by scheduling content to a variety of different channels all at once. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. These platforms are fantastic time savers but are your reach and engagement levels suffering because of the way you are using it?

A lot of our clients know the importance of frequent social media posting on multiple social outlets. The main reasons being that frequent social activity elevates brand presence, increases product or service awareness and obtains more customers and sales. The majority of companies would agree here that these are the main objectives that drive any marketing campaign or activity. So why is it that many organisations use a social media management software to schedule every single post throughout the week on a Monday morning and then ignores the social pages until the following Monday when the time comes round to do it all over again?

The key to elevating your brand presence, increasing product or service awareness and obtaining more sales is not just based on how much content you share but how much you engage with your audience.

When you post a certain piece of content on social, take the time to analyse its response. I mean, you’ve taken the time to research and create them, right? Ask yourself - how have my followers reacted? Have I received any comments? Have I had any positive or negative feedback? When you receive comments or reactions (no matter how positive or negative they are!), this is your moment to respond. When you engage with your audience you are seizing the opportunity to form a relationship between brand and potential customer. These open lines of communication are far more important than any amount of posting. Furthermore, social media algorithms even prioritise content that have received good levels of engagement so these types of content or more likely to appear on potential customers’ feeds. Neglect the comments and reactions and risk having your content not even appear on customers’ feeds!

The solution? Yes having a social media management software is a great way to save time and can certainly help productivity, however, we recommend that you use them as an assistance to your social media strategy and not let them be your social media strategy. Make sure you either tap into your software’s communication or inbox tools to monitor engagement levels or, better still, manually log into your social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn - whatever they may be) every day to make sure you are giving your customers the best possible services to maximise your goals and objectives.

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